Sunday, April 4, 2010

No card today! It's Easter!

Well, no card right now, today!   There could be a surprise in the making for later today. Did you register to vote? Here's the scoop if you haven't been by in the last two days. Here and here and here.

With business out of the way.. I would like to wish all my followers a wonderful, happy, Blessed Easter!

we will be joining the rest of my family at my niece and nephew's home not far from here. there is always a large crowd and more food than you could imagine. John's smoking kingfish as I type this, Saturday, to make smoked fish spread to take with us for brunch. My entire family loves smoked fish spread and deviled eggs. Deviled eggs will be my contribution as I remember that was my Dad's favorite. Oh, I can see him in his old age..the sight of a deviled egg would make his face light up..he loved them so. sniff, sniff

I have decided to show my TGF card's debut, no more peeks, is today at 5 PM. See ya then.
Happy safe Easter

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Tracey said...

Happy Easter Joanne, hope you're having a great weekend.


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