Saturday, April 10, 2010

MS. Brightside Award comes to Cardology, Etc.

I rec'd this award from Cheryl, my SBS29 sister of creation, today. Her blog is She Stamps. I have referred to her before as she creates awesome cards! I must list a few things about myself. Ten things that make me happy and five things you may not know about me. Well, while I like to make lists, I don't like to list things about myself. So no list - like order- just a few words. I am happy! I am a very happy person. I try to find the positive side to every thing. The glass half full rather than half empty. I will tell you I'm fine even if I'm not! I hate to be late, but more often than not I am late for almost every thing. Just ask my sister! that's probably part of my procrastination plan. Like Cheryl, I saw the Dragon movie. I took two grand daughters to the movies last week to see 'How to train your Dragon", and I agree with Cheryl, it was a good movie and the girls enjoyed it. I prefer to type 'prolly' instead of probably, and 'cuz' instead of because. I'd rather eat a homemade cookie, but I am a cookie-aholic! My few words are up!
Thank you Cheryl for giving me this great award! I shall pass it on to the first five people that grab it.
There you go, you five, grab it and list 10 things that make you happy, 5 pieces of trivia about you, and list with links five people that you would like to have this award.  The five people that I think will see this first doesn't necessarily have to be the five, I'm just saying - Cec, Mary, Meg, Lawren, and Jane.
Thanks for coming by!

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