Saturday, April 3, 2010

want another sneak peek?

Think Ink. Ink Tossers. Think Ink Tossers. Think Vote. Think Vote for the Ink Tossers. Think Win. Think
Win for the Ink Tossers. Think, Vote, Win! 
this is your sneak peek for now.  My shell is from  a SU set that eludes me right now. I stamped it in Cameo Coral and then took my Creamy Caramel marker and passed it over the stamp a few times for a more realistic look. takes me back to the times that we would head on up to Bayport with the boat and kids in tow to scallop off the shore in shallow waters. the scallops lay on top of the sand in amongst the long reed like grass in about 6 to 10 feet of water. they could get away from you if you were too slow, but they very rarely 'saw' us coming. You just pick them up at the small of their back, so to speak, drop them in your dive bag...all on one big lung full of air! the hard part was taking a knife with a bent blade or a sharpened spoon to release the muscle from it's shell and then scoop it out...ready to cook. O, the 'work' it took to get them from the sand to the pan! they were tasty! John took the kids out last year and I haven't been in years. Well, since the kids were small. I think our kids like to see their kids enjoy the same things they did as youngsters.
Hope you continue to enjoy your peeks and my stories.
Come back later for more sneak peeks and a story!

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Rhonda said...

What an interesting story. I did not know that. The sneak peek has got my curiosity aroused....hmmmm Looking forward to more!

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