Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Ink Tossers

Sunday, April 4th the voting will begin over at The Greeting Farm. No worries, you can still have Easter dinner with your family and friends cuz the voting goes through Tuesday, April 6th.
The Greeting Farm made up the teams of four to five crafters that volunteered to create and post on TGF's blog.
Jessica, Trish, Jennie and i were part of a five man, huhhummm, crafters team! One of our team mates did not respond to Jess's emails so that left the four of us. Trish started us off with Flickr to post our photos and converse. Then we started a blog for just us- all this for a five week contest! We mainly email back and forth and we can all attest that our 'reply all' link is the best. Jessica has a blog, The bug stampinMomma, she has a few wee ones and manages to get blog time and kid time all into her day. Jess is our trusted fearless team leader. Trish, she's a hoot, we're trying to get her back to blogging, but she's a busy person and going back to school, too! Hi, Jennie, I didn't forget you, you don't have a blog yet! Working on that!
Are you just on pins and needles to see the easel card that the team has chosen for week two? NO?
OK then we'll just skip that and move on to more important things at hand. V. O. T. I. N. G. Oh, so now, you want to see the card? It'll cost you!! One vote over at The Greeting Farm and one peek is what you will get.
The lobster is only one of my favorite sea creatures that got top billing on the card. This Maine lobster is one of two creatures with true to life coloring on this sneak peak...LOL! That's what they look like underwater, and before you cook them. The boiling water turns them that gorgeous color red/orange and their flesh pink and white. MMMMMM 
Maine lobster:  I prefer to eat Maine lobster and my all time favorite is a lobster roll in Kennebunkport, Maine at the Clam Shack. A road side stand with the best buttered roll and succulent Maine lobster, ever! Two summers we spent cruising up the coast of Maine in search of the best lobster roll. If you're in Booth Bay Harbor you have to try the Lobster Wharf, when we were there it was the Co-op. Pick out your lobster and tell them to add potatoes, corn, etc and it all went into the mesh bag with your number, got boiled and they served it up with some butter and oh my, goodness at it's best. all though I prefer my lobster without butter. go figure!
Florida lobster:  I remember the days that the family would head on down to the Florida Keys in search of the Florida lobster, the spiny lobster or crayfish! we would head out in the early morning to find them on the bottom of the ocean floor, lure them, bag them, take them home and cook and eat them. Oops, forgot to mention - measure them. We could only take the ones that were big enough. Our kids learned how to measure lobster carapaces at a very early age. Stay tuned.....more peaks later..........see ya then!

Maine vs Florida:  which lobster do you prefer to eat?
Maine's claws are delectable, in my humble opinion.

It's off of the lobsters and on to the clams. the Clam Box in Massachusetts, been there? if you're in the neighborhood and love seafood this is your next stop! Call ahead, not for reservations, but for times that they are open. You can't miss it...the clam box on top of the restaurant, a landmark!

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Thebug415 said...

Love this post! Now hopefully all those followers will hop over and vote for us! GO INK TOSSERS!

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