Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The Greeting Farm Royal Battle week two - 'Swimming by to say Hi!' Ian made it to week three.
The pressure is on. The competition is crafty and tough to beat.

Ink Tossers made the cut! Thank you, we say, to all of our loyal supporters.
This next test of creation will be scrap book pages.
Since Trish and I already have entries in the contest we can not have a scrap book page entered. Fair is fair! we can play along and create a LO if we want to, it just can't be an entry. I think I just might try it, for the practice. You know if I do make a lay out you will be the first to see it.

It's a great feeling that our friends and family pulled through and voted and got us to the next cut!! Whoo hoo!

Stay tuned....and have no fear. We will be asking for your vote come Sunday, April 11!
If you haven't voted yet...head on over to The Greeting Farm and register...NOW! That way when it's voting time you will be ready to vote. Go register...go back to your email, where your next step will be to register. Just follow the directions that they provide and you'll get it done! OR as my brother says, "Git 'er dun!!!!


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Thank you to all your people who voted!

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