Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please vote for Ink Tossers

There's a contest over at The Greeting Farm. I am on a team with three other gals. it runs 5 weeks and this is week one. One of my team mates, Trisha made the card that got entered into the contest. I'm begging you to please go vote for us...Ink Tossers. The link that I provided should take you right to the directions on how to sign in, get registered, and vote. Each person can vote three times! We, the ink tossers are not allowed to vote for our selves.
Here's the card that I made, it wasn't retro enough so it hit the cutting room floor.

 here it is without the senti.

I thought it was a cute card, but all four of our cards were good. We voted and I didn't win and I'm OK with that, cuz there can only be one card per team entered into the contest. If we don't get cut this week, Wednesday, then we proceed to week two and we'll know what the next challenge is this Wednesday. Trisha's card is so adorable, retro and she stuck with the color combo TGF gave us. Voting is open through Tuesday, so please go begging! On my knees praying that you'll go vote for the Ink Tossers.
Go, vote, go vote, go vote, now.
the directions are clear on how to register and please.....go to the Greeting
Thanks for coming by....gotta go get some Easter cards done!!!!


Cheryl said...

Cute! Heading over there.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Been there voted- congrats- looking forward to round 2!

Kathy said...

Very cute card. I love how you did the small filmstrip like images down the side of the card, so clever. Love the water scene you set, looks great. Good luck with round #2.

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