Thursday, March 4, 2010

Plastic cases for storage

I was sharing this info with the WMS forum late the other nite and thought someone visiting here might like to know the dish on storing my WMS clear stamp sets.
These are the Stampin Up clear boxes that I use now! They are not expensive and are available in the newest Mini catalog. Anyone interested in purchasing Stampin Up Clear-Mount Cases can contact Cindy here.
Here are the cases with my WMS sets in them with the label that's provided with WMS.
There is a plastic sheet attached to the outside of the case. When the case is open the sheet comes away from the case enabling you to place your image sheet right in there. You are looking at the open case on the outside with my image sheet/labels facing you. Claire at WMS serves up  lots of stamps on every set. Her 6 x 8 sheets of stamps are stock full of fabulous images and she carries several sets that are Nestie friendly. I have her button on the left sidebar or you can click right here. Visit her blog while you are there too. Many creations to drool over with hops to share and candy to win. 
Inside pic of the same stamp set:
There's plenty of room in there with space to spare.
That's all the advertising that I'm doing today.
Thanks for coming by!

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Kathy said...

Great stamp storage idea! I need better organization at my house.

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