Sunday, March 7, 2010

Down but not dirty

DDH is here with her family and we have been busy. Secret road trip with my brother Bill on Saturday and then wham -DDH has some stomach/intestinal bug and I have a terrible cold. And we were planning on taking the kids to the carnival. Every year BSS puts on their Spring Carnival for three days. It's the church/school where the kids went and it's just at the end of our street. H and her fam came just for the funnel cakes, well, the kids came for the rides. Bert and I took the kids up for lunch of hot dogs and fries and then he brought me back with the baby for her nap. H is in bed and getting plenty of sleep with the kids not here. I'll head back up when Lizzie wakes up and let her ride on the merry go round one more time. I'll bet the tickets for the rides and food will be all gone. Bert goes just for the food!!!!! but then again don't we all love the smell of the food? The school has their own food booths and that's what we go for, it's the same food every year and it's always scrumptious. Italian sausage with the onions and green peppers - John's fave. Of course, hamburgers and hot dogs, french fries and thinly sliced potatoes on a plate piled high. and Me, I can't eat any fried foods- well maybe one bite or two. And the home made goods that the parishioners make and bring to sell to make more $$$$. The funnel cakes with powdered sugar an inch thick. Frozen Italian ices. Pizza and beer. the wine toss where any lucky thrower can go home with a bottle or two. the little games for thee wee ones. Winning a goldfish so Mom and Dad have to buy something for it to live in. Afterall, how long can a goldfish live in that tied plastic bag! then the 'carney' food.  that's all Em wanted was the candy cotton candy, doesn't all that smell so good combined together. The neighbors must be starving for those three days.
Mojo is down for the weekend. It will be back on Monday. I have projects that are 'due' and can't wait to share them.
Go boil a hot dog and try to remember the fragrance emanating from the carnival you attended.
See ya tomorrow!

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