Monday, November 30, 2009

HI! My name is Joanne

 My audience responds, "Hi! Joanne."
I started with, "I am a cookie-holic. It started when I was but a wee one in my homeland. Mommy baked for her six little ones and we ate anything and everything that she baked. Baked, here, is the key word. Baked like Paula Deen bakes. Ingredients had to include sugar, butter, vanilla and may include yeast, flour, salt, cinnamon, dried fruits, fruits of any kind, and then baked. Mom could get the most "bake for her dough" with cookies. With six kids, one pie did not go very far, but cookies she could try to control the amount eaten at one sitting. We lived on cookies, because my youngest brother and I only ate cookies. Vegetables were not for the two of us. No way we would eat them. Everyone left the table and there sat David and I with a plate of vegetables. By 9 PM we were still there with our plates. No cookies for us for dessert, straight to bed. We lived for cookies. We never learned to eat our veggies, but we did learn how to make it look like we ate them. All for the love of cookies."
This just in from Friday, December 4 is National Cookie Day! I did not know there was such a holiday! It's a holiday for me. I am a member of a twelve step program, "cookies R us". Having been through the program more times than I can remember I never finished. I can not give up cookies. Although I can stop for periods of time, I can not give up cookies. There are no cookies in my house right now! OOPS, there are some in the freezer! they're from last Feb-GS cookies! Friday, Dec 4 is my day. I will be baking--hmmmm, what kind? who will I share them with? DH will not be home! OOOO More cookies for me. I'll go call my grand daughters. They love cookies, too. Unlike me, however, they love their veggies. Now, the truth--when I got married, the two of us only ate two veggies, corn and green beans, cut green beans, no string beans for us.. Now, John and I eat almost any color, any variety of vegetable. I still don't get any cookies til I clean my plate, though.

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Anonymous said...

Hey was nice visiting with you yesterday. I am not a feel free to pass any unwanted cookies my way...heheheh.

See you Tuesday night!

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