Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I did not shop today! I had plans for four o'clock this morning to meet up with some girlfriends, but I decided at 3:45 AM not to go. There really wasn't anything I needed to buy and I would have ended up buying myself something that I did not need. i tried looking around on the internet, but nothing caught my fancy. I spent time on the phone, at my computer, at my desk-making a birthday card for a four year old. After I leave a comment at Justrite Stamps, I am heading back to make a card for you. I want to post the four year old's card, but I don't want his mom to see it in advance. So, you will have to wait about two weeks as his b-day is on Dec 29th. let's just see if it makes it in the mail early!! I am so bad about sending the cards out. I make them and then, well you know the rest. I've even heard some of you complain about the same thing. See you back here in a jiffy.

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