Friday, November 13, 2009

The newspaper......

Is black and white and read all over!! That is an old riddle!!! Now for the red, black and cream...........
Another challenge from SCS  using another Waltzingmouse stamp from the Celtic Heritage set.
The inside has a simple stamping replicating the front.
HINT: I used my left over foam from my SU stamps to make my dimensionals. The Celtic stamps were stamped on the Confetti Cream twice and one set was cut out and applied with the dimensionals.The triangles were also set with SU recycled foam, the thin foam. Some of the foam is thinner than others. The thinner foam was from alphabet stamps and the thicker from the other stamp sets. I peel off the rubber and toss it, apply the foam to my paper piece with the brown paper sticking up. When I am ready to affix the paper piece I peel off

the brown paper and it sticks very well. My black rhinestones would not adhere very well, so I ran the backs over an emery board and voila! They decided to stick and stay put.
Here's another hint: I knew I wanted to use the photo corner punch so I punched them out of the red piece that I was using on the front of my card. Punched twice since I only wanted the small ones. Saves paper and takes some weight off the card. My cropping knowledge was useless to me today, so you get the whole ball of wax, including some of my work area.

One more little hint:
This picture I took to show you what I use to paper pierce. That bright pink thingy is the toe part of a flip-flop. Yes, that's right, a bright pink flip-flop with a pipe cleaner through the toe hole to hold it on a hook right in front of me on my work desk. Can't live without the mat to place my piercings. The doo-hickey on the end of my piercer is a cork from my friends wine bottle. I take a remnant piece of ribbon and wrap it with floral wire around the cork, again so I can hang it up right in front of my area. I have a few and they come in handy!! Corks that is!!! LOL  The flip-flop also holds my silver ball straight pin. See  it popping out on the top left!!! It usually is pushed all the way in with just the silver head popping out. That's the pin that unclogs all my glues, stickles, crystal effects, etc. Just remember not to put it back in too far at least not until the glue dries, or I just use  scrap paper or paper towel to wipe it off.

Here's the rx: Paper: Club Scrap Only the Confetti Cream is from SU;INK: SU Red Riding Hood
dimensions for paper can be found at SCS here. Just scroll down to where it says Winter Moose, click and it will take you to the cutest card and all the dimensions.

Thanks for coming by to see another challenge, my plethora of hints, and my rambling.  


Anonymous said...

Love your card.

Holly said...

I just love the celtic images! Thankyou for finding me


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