Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's The Last One

Ed note: We bought pogo sticks for the two children. The four year old needed a smaller one and the 6 year old did not like it. They both were returned to the store on Friday, January 1, 2010.

What do they call the Saturday after Black Friday? Does it have a name?
I know where the term Black Friday came from!

Well I did not shop on Friday, but DH and I went out today for a short fast trip. There was a very special price on a very special present from 7 AM til 12 noon at a store one mile from our home. At 11:15 I remembered that I needed to go to that store. Hollered up to DH, that we needed to go now and he said, "Give me a minute." Well, twelve minutes later we said, "Oops, we gottta go now!" Ran in to the toy dept and they had one remaining. PINK! While DH spots another one in a different model and color he says, "There's no way that will be the same price as the PINK one. It's way more expensive!"
Meanwhile, a nice man, younger than us, but not by much, comes up and wants to know where I got that PINK toy. "IT WAS THE LAST ONE", I said to him, "But there is another make and model here."
He said, "But I need pink for my daughter!"
Well, DH says there is a price checker machine right there. Go see how much that big one is? Price checker: exact same price as the PINK one. DH says, "Let's get two. One for a girl and one for a boy."
In disbelief, I do not want to let go of the PINK one. IT'S THE LAST ONE.
I said to the younger man, "We need to go get in line right now while the price is still good. Go get in line with us and we'll hand you the PINK one if the others are the correct price." I needed time to think this through!
DH says, "Just give him the PINK one. The boy and girl need to have the exact same thing so there will be no quarreling!" Reluctantly, I decided DH was right and I LET GO OF THE PINK ONE. The younger man was so in shock that we handed it over he took that box and ran. Now that I'm thinking about it he never said thanks. Or I didn't hear him. DH and I just chuckled. It felt good to give someone something that they wanted for their child. But all was not well. As we are walking to the checkout-- I was having second thoughts of giving up the PINK one. My heart was racing, head was throbbing, my knees were weak, psoriasis was acting up, and I'm practically in kidney failure. I could hardly breathe--I gave up the pink one. Not only was it pink, it was the Hannah Montana model and now it was gone, gone, gone. I'm in shopper mode! What have I let my DH talk me into? Why did I let it go? Just as I'm ready to tell DH to dial 911.....

 He says, "The PINK one's weight limit was 60 pounds and the bigger more expensive one's weight limit is 100 pounds. Now, I am happy  the PINK one is gone!!!!
Cancel 911, I feel better.
Well almost.......
We need to get to the cash register, quick!
For the special price.
In less than 30 minutes from the time we pulled out of our driveway, we had two toys at the same price as the PINK one and my husband no longer had to be shopping on the Saturday after Black Friday! He's a happy man.
Well almost.......
However, I found myself looking for that younger man-the younger man with the my the pink toy!
Our boy grandchild wouldn't care if his toy is pink. He's used to hand-me-down toys. The pink one would have been perfect for him. PINK, what was I thinking?
Let it go!!!

Do you see why I don't shop on Black Friday? OR no-name Saturday?
I can't handle the crowds, the pressure of the sale, the look on another person's face that says, "Do you want that?" OR "I have a little girl at home that needs that  in pink." OR "My wife said don't come home without it."
The person that remembered at the last minute that he/she needed to be in that store by 12 noon for the special price--
just like us.
If my husband had not been there to talk sense to me I don't know that I would have made a sensible purchase. So right now, I am thankful that he was there to see what I could not.
We came home, made lunch, ate, and started a huge pot of turkey vegetable soup from the carcass on Thursday.
The kids came by at dinner time and we fed them soup. Gave half the pot of soup to the DS and family.
On this no-name Saturday we learned to share our toys and our soup. So many things to be thankful for this holiday season.
BTW, All my shopping is done. Well almost....I have two more gifts to buy--then I'm done. Well almost...
I almost forgot DH... what will I buy's gotta be online!!

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