Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas trees

I am usually a procrastinator when it comes to putting up the tree, but this year it has been on my mind and it's just a tad bit too early yet! I need to get past Thanksgiving before the tree and decorations go up. Isn't that normal? What do you usually do about putting up your tree, one week, two weeks, three weeks, or four weeks before Christmas?
In my humble opinion, the stores start decorating as soon as Halloween is over because they want to get the
Christmas stock out of the back rooms/storage areas, making room for more merchandise to be stored for the day after Thanksgiving. Just like you and me cleaning out the fridge to make room for the new groceries. Just like you and me (in the old days) cleaning out all the kids old, broken, no longer age appropriate toys to make room for all the new. Just like you and me cleaning and dusting, making sure all flat areas are cleaned off so we can wait one hour to have it look all the same. Where does the dust go? Ten minutes later, IT"S Baaaaack! When you go visit a friend or family member and you see dust do you say to yourself, "Gee whiz, terrible cleaner." or " Man, she must have just dusted and the 'bunnie's are back."? Gotta go, I could come up with a hundred more, and you don't want that!!!! Hey, thanks for coming by to see my stuff.

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