Wednesday, December 23, 2009


 Yesterday's card, the sympathy card, the Carol card, the wee tribute to Dave card started something at the PO to get my Irish up.
Used Nesties for my sentiment and main image, sponged the edges of the label 2 and all over the circle. Popped up the tree and sentiment. the sentiment was popped up on the left and just two pcs of paper under the right to make it even. The button on top of the ribbon made it a 'hand stamp' card. One question--why has the price gone up so much to mail these 'hand stamped'? I mailed out 4 cards today and each one was $1.22. They used to be 56 cents each. The postman asked if they were cards inside, of course. The fifth card was in bubble wrap envie and it was 88 cents til I told him there was a card inside and then he bumped it up to $1.31. All of them were being mailed within US. Any answers out there? Any body work in the USPS? Did I misunderstand his question? Did he say gift card? Or greeting card? (I can't remember now.) And would that make a diff?
Next time I'm at the USPS I am going to ask!!!
I like all the bling, and buttons, and layers, and stuff. I don't want to do one layer cards, except for challenges, or maybe real cool ones that can make it as one layer. One layer cards don't get too many ahs and oooos, not the ones that I make, anyway.
     Thanks for letting me get that off my irritated chest!
I've got a card to finish and will post that in a wee bit. Come on back now, ya hear!!! That sounded like the Beverly Hillbillies to me. OH No! I'll be singing that the rest of the day, in my mind!

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Kathy said...

This post totally cracked me up, because my friend and I always use the phrase "got my Irish up" and I don't hear it used that often. I know what you mean about the PO. I can mail something for one amount of money one day and it costs something different the next day with a different postal clerk.

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