Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beanie gift card holders

SCS is amazing. If you haven't been GO NOW! You do not need to be a member. Go to search, type in beanie and hit go. all the beanies in one place. A beanie convention! No two are alike, it's amazing what people can do with their beanies.
Season's Greetings before and after:
Then a non Christmas card before and after:

The original, to the best of my knowledge is here.  Scroll down a bit when you get there
and you'll see a video.
If your computer is video challenged here:
One circle 5 inches, cut in half. One strip of cs 5 1/8 x 1 5/8, cut/punch border.
decorate as you wish. Take one half circle and apply red tape or equivalent close to the flat edge and apply to strip close to the border edge. Punch hole near far left side. Apply eyelet ( don't press too tightly, you want your paper to move) or brad to let the top circle move freely, like a Pacman--open close, open close. On the blue one I used a piece of coordinating ribbon and tied it after passing it through the holes. You can see it hanging out the left side. On SCS and Hope's blog you can see the gift card on the inside. how cool is this for a gift card holder!
My blue card will not be a gift card holder, but i made it just like it was. It's a wannabe card holder. It can still go to the convention!

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Lovely Linda said...

Hi Joanne, I am sorry it has taken me so long to get scross to your Blog - what a treat it is for me too! Thank you for your lovely comment on my Blog Hop project - you are so very kind! I love what I am seeing here and look forward to slowly wandering through - you can be sure I will be back! God bless you Joanne.
I would love you to come and play along with us at the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge sometime - I think you would do so well and have a lot of fun in the process! You can find it here:

Holly said...

Joanne, these are so cute! I was thinking about going to SCS to find a gift card idea. I have to check these out.

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