Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Megan's Creation

Megan and I were discussing her birthday card and what she would like on it. Pink, purple and lots of sparkle is what she wanted. Into the room of creating we went and she eyed this purse card holder that I had made at a card camp.

I pulled the 'pink' file folder and there she saw 'Hello Kitty', She knew that she wanted purple ribbon, the mouse from a set she had been stamping, and pink. Here's what she came up with--O!, I almost forgot it had to have a flower in the top right hand side. She picked out her brads, flowers, etc. I just put them all together.
so now we have a project, no b-day card. And she's only 4 And has to have this ready to take home today!
Well, we fell short on time, which was a good thing for me cuz I had time to take pics and show you what we made.

It came out so cute. She wanted one of her boxes inside to be taller to hold pens and 'stuff '. After she went home I made two little note books. She will adore them, she loves to write and draw. She will be five 3 days after my birthday in January. She has been stamping since she was old enough to hold a wood block, about 2 years old. She can master glue sticks, liquid adhesive, and an ink pad with a stamp like nobody's business.
Here's a pick of the note pads. They are identical so you will see the front and back of each one. If you have small ones at home, stamp a few images on copy paper and let them color them in. Before you know it they will want to stamp their images. AND it keeps them busy so you can get some stuff done at your work station. Try it and then you can see if they are creative and patient to do what you do!

I punched out one 'kitty' with the designer label and glued it on the top and back strap.Now, I had better
get one made for the 2 1/2 year old little sister, Lily, so there will be no jealousy. I think I'll try asking Lily what her favorite colors are and go from there!

Thanks for coming by!
Anybody need directions just leave a comment.
PS. Here's a view with the cards that we made at Andrea's card camp. The purse opens flat and can hold four cards, maybe more depending on the embellishments and number of layers.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What beautiful creations! I love the one you did at stamp camp, but the Hello Kitty one is so special, especially since you and your Granddaughter made this together! Our 3 year old Granddaughter loves to stamp too, but her favorite is adding puffy paint (hitting it with the heat gun) to every craft we make. Could you give me the directions? It's just awesome! And where in the world did you find Hello Kitty paper? This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time!

Anonymous said...

CUTE! I just love this. Thanks so much for teaching me how to make it the other night. I had so much fun ! Sorry I haven't gotten them posted on my blog yet. But I really love your Megan's Hello Kitty one.

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