Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bells and Boxes

This started with a gift from my SIL, a stamp. I did not use the stamp but I used the idea behind it.

I made an explosion box to give the bell as a gift.
Here's the story.
Becky and Phyllis along with some other friends went to Colorado to have some girl time, shopping time, touristy time, etc. Bec and Phyl, on one of their excursions, happened across a stamp store. Inside a lady was painting a bell and they were excited with how the lady was painting her bell. They strolled, more like gawking, through the store and saw so many bells painted so beautifully. So many bells in several designs. Bec and Phyl decided that they needed to buy some bell stamps. The stamps were made right there on the premises according to one of the sales ladies. Phyllis bought one and Bec bought me one, stamps that is. They had the instructions with pictures right there from Holly Berry House Stamps. Becky called me when she got back from her trip and tried to explain the stamps, and the bells, and the lady painting, etc.
"Will you show Phyllis and I how to make these?", she said.  I made a few, had the girls over to stamp and make bells, but we had no paint that would work like Bec and Phyl explained.  I checked over at the HBH stamps on line and they used Twinkling H20's to paint their bells.  Well, I did not have TH20's so I scouted all the LSS's and no one had any. Someone told me that they went out of business in the beginning of the year and there would be no more TH20's. I bought some paints at J's, but was not happy with them. I went on line and looked up TH20's and found them. They had planned on going out of business, but changed their minds. (another story).  So,  I checked several online places and settled on buying the paints from the TH20's business. After 6 weeks, I called them. After eight weeks, I called them. Every day looking for the USPS to deliver my paint. Now, it's October and the window of opportunity is closing.  We wanted to paint our bells for Christmas. At last they arrived, we made dates for the girls to come over and paint our bells. In the eight weeks of waiting for the right paint I made this bell, not using the stamps, out of paper, of course, paper. Isn't that what we do? Create things from paper, just paper, no stamps this time. I made a template of the stamp and cut it out five times. Made a template for the inside and cut that, too. Sewed on the DSP  then sewed the five panels together.  I used SU's Holiday Thyme and Kiwi Kiss. The stamp on the box is SU's Filigree using Cranberry Crisp.. On one flap I stamped a Christmas tree and a sentiment.  This is my favorite bell so far. Meanwhile, I have twenty jars of TH20's to use. We did paint a few, then time ran out. We will plan on this project for next Christmas.

ED: In Th20's defense, they only had two employees and said they were slow getting the orders out. I placed my order on August 30th. They are gorgeous paints and I am glad that I own them.

Thanks for coming by!

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