Saturday, December 26, 2009

The day after Christmas

While many people are out shopping for the bargains that weren't there before Christmas I'm typing up a sick story. I am sick. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Went to bed with a sore throat and woke up feeling yucky all over. Thought I had the flu. Got up, came downstairs to see if I could hook up my new Christmas present. I did it!!!! I got the Wii up and running. Played one game and said if I can play, I feel well enough to not have the flu. Great! Just a cold! Great! Played a couple more games. Called hubby down to play with me and I worked out all those aches and pains that I thought was the flu playing with my sore achy body.
So, if I'm not that sick then we need to go pick up the 6 yo GD. She lives across the state so we met her Dad half way. She is here for 8-9 days and we have big plans. She too, has a cold, so we both sniff together. Today we made plans in our heads for our project and here's a pic of what we will be using.

Part of the story: She said she wanted something special for Christmas this year when I spoke to her last week. Her Mom and I were planning her trip here and a light went off in my head. So I said to DGD why don't we make our own. She got so excited. I told her what she needed to bring from home and that she needed to ask her Mom to raid some of her stash. When we picked her up she had a huge black bag full o' stuff. We came home and played Wii after our four hour drive. Had Our DS and his fam over to play, too! She just can not wait til tomorrow to get to this pile and start creating. I'll post tomorrow to give you a peek.
Can anyone guess what we are going to make from boxes of all sorts and fabric? Can you see some fabric hidden in that pile of corrugated mess? DD sent over three bolts of fabric that Em had picked out.
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