Saturday, January 9, 2010

When there's fire there's smoke in the chimney!

 If you want to follow the fire story.......
While I was typing and filing pics for the post below my phone rings.......

Kevin, DS, just called, "Mom, do you have a fire going? Are you home by yourself?"
"Yes, Son, I am home, and yes, I do have a fire going, why?"
DS says,"There's smoke coming from your chimney!"
Me, " Yes, DS, that's what happens when one has a fire going in the fire place."
"No!" DS says, "I mean you have a fire going all by your self?"
"Yep, son", I said, "I have a fire going all by myself, and are you outside?"
He says, "Yes, I came to pick up something at the house for a job that I am working on and as I drive up the street I see smoke pouring out the chimney. With Dad gone, I thought maybe something was wrong."
"Nope, nothing wrong, just making fodder for my blog. Hey, are you still outside?"
"Nope, I'm at the stop sign heading back to work."......"Why?" he asks.
I said, "Because I want to hand you the camera and have you take a picture of our house with smoke coming out of the chimney from a fire that I have going!" I had walked out earlier to get the mail and , of course had to look at the chimney to see the smoke, but didn't want to go back out into the freezing cold to get a pic. Why would I want to leave my cozy little nest with a fire to go out in that terrible weather?
DS with a come back. "Oh, you want me to go stand out side and take a picture in the freezing cold?"
"No," I said. "Take the picture from your work van from down the street."
He just laughed and by then he was back at the job running a new water service for his cousin's restaurant on Duhme Road, not even a mile from here.


Big Mamma~ a.k.a. Mary S said...

You crack me up & the funny thing is I think cuz you remind me of myself soooo much. This is exactly what I would blog about.
I can totally relate. I live in AZ.. it's 67 deg. out and I'm cold. Closed my window. I only wish I had a fire place. Hey in FL. what the hell does your house have a fireplace? Lucky Duck.

I read both entries..
Big Mamma loves it and you!

Cheryl said...

Joanne, your stories crack me up. :)

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