Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Louie and Isabelle

There's a challenge over at SCS about Where's the Bad Apple...?   I had a crazy idea about worms and apples and Louie was born. He was so much fun to make that I decided that he needed a girl friend, hence, Isabelle. I couldn't come up with the sentiments that I wanted and have it look like a decent card, so I went with the Be mine and am happy with this outcome. When it was picture taking time, I was having difficulty with the ink smears on BE  and Mine being smudgy and shiny. It was a mess that I didn't notice until I was editing the pics. Back to the photo shoot and I placed the card at an angle so that the smudges might not pick up. I got lucky!! No smudges with either picture that was taken on an angle. However, the last pic was the head on shot and you can see the problem that I was having. Actually the entire card is better IRL. The rick rack body of Isa is so much more 3-D than you see here. Both wormy apples are popped up and Louie and Isa faces are so darn cute, if I do say so myself.

Louie was, excuse me, is a piece of white cotton yarn/string that I dropped Lettuce and Butterscotch onto and then blew dry with my heat gun. (Lettuce and Butterscotch are two colors of Adirondack ink.)   His eyes are 1/16th hole punches with a black dot on a face from 1/4 inch hole punch. He's living in an apple made from the tab punch in red and white, sponged with C Caramel and black seeds. Be Mine is Brilliant Blue punched out with Sizzlits Alpha set. Isabelle is making her home in an apple that was cut with my Cricut. Used the slot punch and put some green rick rack through the holes for her body. She needed to have eylashes so her head needed to be punched from 3/4" circle to hold those big blue eyes

and red lips. I just bought the MS deep edge punch yesterday and had to use it, so there it is in G Green behind Miss Isa. Gold cording and a rhinestone make for a necklace on Isa.  Don't you just love her fashion statement!!!
There was just too much going on for me to wrap a ribbon and bow around this card, so I opted for gold cording to bring out the cord in Isa's necklace.
I definitely wanted different backgrounds for Louie and Isa so the greens don't match on purpose, obviously. they are two worms that are from  two different worlds. Louie likes the simple one with eaten apples and plain old wormy ways. While Isa is living the life in a big red apple and hoping for bigger and better things to come her way. Will love prevail and Louie will win Isa's heart and they will be happily ever after worms. Or will Isa want for the wondrous orchard where she can have all the apples and her pie, too. Will she give up the good life and follow her heart?

Thanks for coming by!


Shelly Schmidt said...

I just hope she does not end up in an apple pie! Cute story- what a romantic story!!!

Cr8ive ME said...

super cute card. And adorable story.

Mary from SBS29

Paper Addict said...

Beautiful cards as always, SBS29 hugs....Ronnie

Tracey said...

Fab card Joanne, love the worm :o)

Have a great party tonight hun.


Donna Moore said...

Isa needs to follow her heart, that big orchard is a dangerous place! Fantastic card, you did an awesome job!!

Kathy said...

Cute card and story with it!

Faye said...

I am loving this card of yours! xxx

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