Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jig Saw puzzle

 This is the third post today-who'd have thought?
Bought em a puzzle cuz she loves putting them together. However, this puzzle was for 12 year olds+. I did not see that age on the box when I bought it. We started putting it together December 31. Got the big white table out and I had all the girls start sorting all the pieces. They had that done in about 15 minutes. This was a very difficult puzzle, but it is done. Em lost interest in about one hour, if that, because her cousins were over and they had a lot of play time to get in. Em's Mom got interested in it on Friday, January first. Happy New Year. Then we got to it first thing on Saturday morning, the birthday party day. Twenty-eight people were due at 4 pm and we were squeezing in cooking and baking while doing the puzzle. Needless to say not much house work got done. We all p/u the toys and such, I gave the bath rooms a quick once over on Friday, so that was done! Oh, I did sweep up after the kids ate lunch and that was the extent of our duties so we could get back to the addicting puzzle. Our company had a couple of good laughs over our addiction and some had their own stories. Lois said when her daughter was young she would constantly be found zig saw piece in hand instead of doing her house work. They did not own many puzzles so Kathy got so bored with the pictures that she would put them together with the picture face down. How funny is that?
Guess what? We finished the puzzle Sunday morning and we were missing just one piece. Emma knew exactly where it was-on the dresser in her parents bedroom.
Emma took pictures and here it is!


Cindy said...

What a cute puzzle, are you going to frame it? My girls like to frame their puzzles.

Cindy (SBS29)

Joanne Gilch said...

cindy-emma did not want to frame this. I told her we could Modge Podge it onto a frame and she said, "No!" Her Mom says she really isn't that all into princesses. I thought it was awesome and I had a great time putting it together with Em's Mom, Heather.

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