Saturday, January 9, 2010


If you're not into FIRE just scroll down. However, all you wannabe pyros stick to the chatter and see what's at the end.

Right now I'm in between my actual bday and the family celebration bday! This year I'll be sharing my birthday with my DGD, Megan who turns five tomorrow! On my actual bday I didn't want anything cuz DH was leaving on Friday to go hunting with his buddy, Van. DH always takes the dog with him. Brandy, the dog, stays back at camp and guards the fortress. As she is afraid of her own shadow she could never be allowed as a hunting dog. She doesn't really know that she is a dog and if she knew she would call herself a Golden Retriever. She and my DH are inseparable except when he goes off on a call/work. OK, getting to the point! Thursday evening DH set up the fireplace with kindle wood, logs, a flame starter, etc. so that I could have a fire while he was off doing his thing, hunting. Yes, I am a hunting widow, but it's a good thing. I get to be home and do what ever, eat what ever, have girl friends over, be alone, play Wii, surf the blog, play mind numbing free cell or bubbles when ever I want AND. NOT. FEEL. GUILTY. He was a hunter when we met, made me a hunter til the kids came along, and will be hunter in heaven when his time comes. Still getting to the point! THE. FIRE. I lit it. I kept it lit. I added more logs. I. I. I. I did it almost all by myself. Do you know how hard it is to get a good pic of the flames with a flash and how hard it is to get a good pic of the fireplace without a flash? with just a point and shoot?

I live in Florida, a stone's throw from the Inter-coastal, and wee bit further than that is the Gulf of Mexico. It's been a bit unusually cold for a length of time now and we have had several fires burning in our hearth. DH lets the smoke out of the fireplace and right into my nose, the smell, and lungs, trying to breathe here. Today, all by myself I can control that smoke and have a fire of my own. Big, small, burning embers, huge flames. It's all mine. This is the first time in my life that I had started a fire in a fire place. Girl Scouts doesn't count here. I have added new logs, now, three times and it is blazing as I write this. I have taken oodles of pics and believe that I just might make a double page layout, actual scrapbooking of this event.

STAMPS: none
PAPER: Newspaper to get some flames going the first time. Some mail that I didn't want to shred, paper only.
INK: Black-only what was on the newspaper and mail
TOOLS: Fire poker, fire shovel, my hands, fire thrower-that little thingy that shoots flames out the end when you are coordinated enough to hold the locking mechanism and the trigger simultaneously.
INCIDENTALS: Wood, wintery cold day in West Florida, Tampa Bay area, near the Gulf, pyromania, a fireplace

Here's the latest pic, no flash. Love the reflection off the fire screen glass on the right.

The exact same fire, one second later, with the flash.
Two minutes later, with a new log, with the flash.

Thanks for coming by!
I do have a card started using the wrap and ribbon from my birthday present from my brother Mike's wife, Becky. I want a fashion lamp on the front of the card and am working it out in my mind. Like punches, stamps, etc. Stay tuned!

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