Sunday, January 17, 2010

Local shopping

Had  a lovely breakfast with Jeanne and Micki today. We sat had an Asiago breakfast bagel and coffee and chit chatted for 2 hours. Then we shopped over at M's. I needed Cricut  blades and Jeanne needed meringue powder for her frosting. There were no blades of any kind so I took Micki home and headed to J's. None. I decided to go ask at the front desk and sure enough the salesperson was willing to go check the back where she found several packs. Woohoo.

Just wait that's not the point of the shopping story.

I had a Joann, oops, J's coupon for 50% off x 2, a 40% x 1, and a gift card that I got for Christmas. Well, I had to keep looking and see what was out there that i wanted. I picked up a few things, nothing dire, nothing that I was running short of at the creative desk. The clear stamp set from the card I posted yesterday was by Inkadinkadoo and was called You Rock. I put a Cricut cartridge card in my basket-Mother's Day 2010. Some Glossy Accents to make some home made dew drops/skittles. I could go on for an hour here. Let's make this story shorter. After one hour of looking at fabric, etc. A small little stand next to an end cap caught my eye. SPELLBINDERS. There were about twelve different ones. Two labels-four and nine. Fleur d lis pendant and border, several different flower nesties, etc. You get the picture. Not a lot of choices, but I was shocked to see them there. I had those coupons and I couldn't buy the three that I wanted. HOLD ON! I showed immense restraint and only bought two. I won't go into my reasoning and save you the boredom.
My point J's sells SB's and you can use your coupon. AMAZING!!

Micki showered me with gift cards for my bday and an amazing card about friendship and how much our friendship meant to her. SOB, where's the tissues. Ajeanne gave me the most adorable birdhouse with birdseed. It is so cute that I will not put it outside. I'm gonna find a place in my creative place to hang it. The birdseed? Anyone need any? i won't ship, it's too heavy but I will find some good bird soul to give it to.
She also gave me the cutest water container so I don't use the plastic bottles. You know the ad - one hour on the treadmill, a lifetime in the landfill. And she made a frame.
Here's a pic of my loot.  

Here's a pic of all loot, shopping and bday. what a haul.

And a close up of the inside of the frame that Jeanne put together with SU elements. She said, "Easy peasy. One piece of paper, one piece of ribbon and a stamped, sponged punch."

I am so excited, I need to go make something with my new stuff, hang a bird feeder in my house, hang a gorgeous picture frame, give away some birdseed, (Jeanne said it was OK to give away since i loved the house too much to put it outside), fill my h2o bottle, make some drops with GA, and plan on spending my gift cards! ETC., ETC., ETC.

Thanks for coming by!
Almost forgot---Jeanne bought me the most beautiful hydrangea plant. It is big and gorgeous. No pic.


Tammy said...

WEll it certainly sounds like you had a fun day! Lots of goodies too! The stuff your friend gave you is so nice! Have fun playing!

Cheryl said...

Great day! Check out that loot! You have some really sweet friends. I can't wait to see what projects you cook up with all the new goodies.

Tracey said...

Glad you got some great pressies Joanne & that your store sells spellbinders & you can use a coupon - that doesn't happen in the UK lol

You asked about following on Lexi's creations:
At the top above the Lexi's Creations title on the right hand side it says "Follow Share Report Abuse Next Blog»" You can click on "Follow" OR on the right hand side of the page about 3/4 of the way down there are the pictures of followers & you just click the follow sign. Hope this helps :o)

Have a good day.

Teressa said...

That's quite a haul! LOL Love the bird house!

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