Wednesday, January 6, 2010

pogo sticks

Remember the story of the gift that I gave up in the store to a gentleman that needed a pink one for a little girl?
Well, John and I had bought pogo sticks for the two grand children that are always outside playing and having a great time with all the kids in their neighborhood. The little boy's was too big and the 6 year old did not even like the pogo stick. they both went back to the store January 1 and they picked out new toys. Do you think I should give up buying anything for other people? NO, I'll keep on trying til they are teens and only want money. It was a good story. It was published on November 28-the title "The Last One." I don't know how to link back to my own previous posts so, sorry, you'll have to go to the side bar and look it up if you'd like.
meanwhile, come on back. I'll have a card up-it's so darn stinking adorable.

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