Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When the Mom and the Grandmother are addicted to jigsaw puzzles and five wee ones under the age of six are playing in the same room chaos ensues. My DH walked through and could not believe that Mims, the grandmother, was allowing this kind of mess in her living room! The girls had drug the play kitchen into the middle of my living room (you can see the back of it) and I hadn't even noticed. There is a picture of the puzzle table to show you the close proximity of 5 wee ones and the addicts!

The kids were happy, we were deliriously happy to be working together uninterrupted. All the kids knew where we were, they could see us every moment so there was no screaming, crying, looking for attention. They did not and still do not know that we were there in the same room for purely selfish reasons. Every body was happy, OH, I said that already! Little Lily and big Emma were not available for the photo ops! Truly, my LR is not at all like this when the children are not here. The kids are 6,5 (in 5 days),4, almost 3 and almost 2; four girls and one boy. They get along famously and love to run and scream, and jump on beds and scream, and go run in circles through the house and scream, chase each other in one long line and scream. Did I mention SCREAM. The travelers left Monday before I p/u Megan. Let me tell you how quiet my house is! Today as I write this it's Tuesday and I am the only one here at 3 PM. The quiet is deafening-is that ringing in my ears? The TV is on to keep me company, I can't stand the dead quiet, it is eerie.

Thought I would share some of the goings on at my home when the kids come to visit. Emma's parents were here to pick her up and celebrate Tommy's 4th bday. Megan and Lily live close by and spend a lot of time here since I babysit them during the week. They have never even thought of moving the kitchen to another spot and I hope they don't get any crazy ideas of that sort this week.


Shelly Schmidt said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit- such fun! I love puzzles too- did you finish it?

Rhonda said...

I had my grandchildren on a daily basis until they moved out of state. I know what you mean about the quiet. They have been gone 2 years and I still am not use to it. I miss them so much! There is nothing like them.

Tammy said...

Looks like everyone had fun!

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