Thursday, February 18, 2010

The SFYTT Prize package

I'm trying to catch up with the SFYTT over at Jen's. I just found the challenge on Wednesday and it began on the sixth. I have so many coals in the fire right now and trying to prioritize, which I am not very good at this moment. I just want a chance to win the awesome stuff that's up for grabs.
The flower came first as it was sitting on my desk. made some up last week. The circle was penciled on white paper, cut out and then scalloped with a corner rounder. The CCelery strip with eyelet border was also on my desk, a remnant. the yellow embellies are 1/4" punched out circles and placed on my flip-flop and worked with a stylus into a bowl-like shape.

I used a small red 1/4" circle here on my flip flop so you could see it better on the pink. Your circle needs to be on something firm yet malleable like a flip flop. Picked up a pink pair for a dollar and cut the back side off so I could use the toe hole for a pipe cleaner to hang it from a hook.
take the larger side of the stylus and press lightly while going in circles. You will see the sides start to come up, then circle tightly in the middle pressing a little harder and the sides will come up even more. Just practice and you'll have cute bowls in no time. The center of the flower has a brad holding it all together. Then I took a yellow 'bowl' and turned it upside down to cover the brad using some glue to hold it there. The flower is a mish mash of felt, a prima or two, a green flower cut down to resemble leaves and a big glue dot. the bird was stamped four times. Once, on the cs, second and third on red, fourth on confetti Cream and then cut out. the branch was stamped only three times. Once on the cs and twice on the green and then cut out.
Touch of Nature was the stamp set used as was the morsels from See-D's on the edges of the scallop. I bought them awhile back on clearance at my LSS. I just love the tiny images and must ink them up more often.

The inside is rather subdued compared to the front.
This post was long enough!! Thanks for coming by!


Cheryl said...

Great card - good luck on the challenge.

It has been a long day. I have to say I read your post 2-1/2 times before I got the flip flop was an actual shoe. Duh! Can't say why I couldn't get that through my head.

I use a squishy place mat that I got at Walmart for $0.97. I bought a few but my friends all thought they were such a great idea that I have given them all away except for one.

Tammy said...

Great card. Good luck in the challenge.

Rhonda said...

Wow!! Love this card. Like Cheryl I read this more than A lot of are one clever gal my friend. I have to try those bowls and the flip-flop... who'd a thunk it!!!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Such a pretty card- love the sketch. Great tip on the have been stamping up a storm!!!

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