Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pink Flamingoes

sorry to disappoint you but there will be only one flamingo today. How do you like him?
He does look lopsided in the photo. He is lopsided. Well, was lopsided. I unattached the image gently and repositioned it so it looks better, much better, now. but what the hay, I'm not wasting batteries (see previous post) to reshoot. Trust me he's perfect. DDL would accept no less. With the exception of the base cs all paper is/was scraps. It was all siting in my scrap pile waiting for it's file. Ariel was here yesterday (no school) shoulda/woulda/coulda had her put all the scraps in their respective drawers. she stated that she was my secretary at lunch when I put her in charge of my cell phone. When we got home she got a tablet out and asked for a pen. "I'm your secretary and I'm going to answer all your calls." I should have been thinking on my feet and had her do that. After all, I do pay her to be my secretary. I prefer personal assistant as she made sure that I had a beverage by my side every time that I changed offices and or chairs. Plus, I like the sound of PA better.
Thanks for coming by!

My sister 29, Cheryl emailed me the digi flamingo when she heard that I needed one for a bday card. Isn't he just perfect for the job. Cheryl has an awesome blog, you should go visit. click here to see She Stamps!!


Cheryl said...

The flamingo looks good! Great job!

Hey, I need a PA too!

I'll be back to poke around later.

Rhonda said...

WOOOHOOO!!!!! You go girl! He's great...love the paper!

Joan said...

I love flamingos - and you did a great job on this one! That paper is perfect!


Kathy said...

This is adorable, so glad you got a flamingo image for your DDL's card. She will love both the cards you made for her.

Rhonda said...

you are waaaay to funny..lol. I won a digi stamp of my choice and I chose a pretty little fairy "Mandelina". Already colored her ..just waiting to see what card comes to mind.

Cheryl said...

Woohoo! I came here from the link you posted. I know you could do it.

Julie said...

When the flamingo fits, make a card out of it; or something like that! LOL
Great card, gotta love our sisters!

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