Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My milk carton

Oh my. I might have over done this a bit! Where is the carton?
Splitcoast Stampers had a limited supply challenge, 3D, and I blew it.
Make a milk carton. DONE
Decorate it. DONE
Make it look good enough for people to comment: OOPS
I am so glad that I am good at laughing at myself! What was I thinking? OK, joanne, sometimes, less is more!
In this case less would have been better. The only part I like and you can't even see it, is the key tied to the bow with copper cord.

Here it is without the heart. Took the pic while the GA was drying on the heart.
Tried to get a close up of the heart. No go.
Thanks for coming by!


Shelly Schmidt said...

Milk cartons are all the rage- I am seeing them everywhere! Will you remake this one? I can see this turning out pretty- I love the colors!

Paper Addict said...

oh my, I like it..I tend to over do things as well...and i think it rocks...I am gonna have to try one of these...have a great day sis...hugs, ronnie

Rhonda said...

Never heard of doing a milk carton. Gonna have to check it out! Very pretty even if ya can't tell it's a milk carton...lol

Big Mamma~ a.k.a. Mary S said...

Joanne, I am passing along a idea that someone had told me about getting close ups. Don't do it with the camera.. do it with your editing program you use for your photos. Save the orginal picture. Then make a copy and crop the area you want to show off & resize just that area. Hope this helps.
Big Mamma luvs ya girl..

Cheryl said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Very good for first attempt. I hope you try another one soon.

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