Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday Nite: Girl's nite in

Friday night  and it was time for a get together. In my circle of family and friends we call it "Girls Nite In". My Sis, SIL, and DTR came over and we put together some card kits that I made up the day before. we had some Sangria, my sis drinks Manhattan's and brings her own! we had a cocktail hour and then we sat for a delicious dinner of Greek salad and pita bread and a Greek pastry that was delightful to look at but it left us wanting something sweeter for dessert. DDL had arrived from work and had a cake in her hands. One of her co-workers had made a cake that resembles a shoe. It was adorable and we all had a bite or piece. Just what we needed to finish our meal. 
then it was time to go downstairs into the mancave and create some cards. I had bought a table at Ikea for crafty guests to create in the mancave. I fit perfectly with four chairs. I had four kits made and boy, did we have a good/great time creating our masterpieces.
Card number one was SIL's creation using the "Thoughts and Prayers" set.
she used a different stamp and did not want a sentiment.
DDL's card
she used chalk and Q-tips to color her flowers from 'In Full Bloom". She cut out the flower x 2, once in Lovely Lilac and one in Barely Banana then the bee on top of those. Her creation used the stamp set but looked nothing like the sample. she did a great job. Well, really all three of them had great cards. SIL got 7 cards made, all different. Sis and DDL each got four finished.
Sis's sample card......
Sis's card was very much like the sample, but she didn't want the bird on hers and unfortunately I did not get a pic of her actual card. The stamp set is Set Sail.
The girls all had a great time visiting, eating, and creating. It's really all about getting together and spending time with each other. The food and creating are the benefits of coming here for Girls Nite In.


Holly said...

I just love this nautical theme! Beautiful card and images.

Kathy said...

I love all of them, sounds like a fantastic night in! Boy do I wish I lived closer, sounds like a fun group, with good food, drink and crafting!

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