Sunday, February 14, 2010

DDL's Bday

So, you read what my DD did for me for a Christmas present. her bday is the end of the month. she sent me an email today. She wants a griddle for her bday. WHAT? Yep, she wants something bigger than a pan so she can cook her family more than one pancake at a time! she requests a griddle that covers two burners, easily washable griddle. She would prefer an electric griddle if it's easily wash up able. I know that they make immersible electric  griddles because we own one. use, unplug, immerse and it's clean. However, i bought it for DH (his camping trips) two years ago at Kohl's for cheap the day after Turkey day at 4 o'clock in the morning. I also bought the same one for DSK at the same time. He uses his all the time and loves it. Here's the dilemma - A griddle can't even compare to the wonderful evening we had on Friday. (She's a better date than her Dad.) I need some ideas here, please!!! I don't want to take her to the theater, that was done. I don't want to repeat what she did for me. I need fresh ideas, please. O, I said that already. Don't say sky diving, she did that  on her anniversary- gift from her husband. Don't say trip to the Bahamas - done that been there. Don't say be a surrogate for her third child - impossible!!! My oven is on the fritz, remember? Yes, I mean that oven!! O, no, I only have one oven. Really, I have two but they're both stuck in the wall right now. don't say shoe shopping cuz she owns a million gazillion pairs already. O, o,o, she did happen to mention that she needed some certain color with a certain heel and certain toe. i would still like to hear from you all about great gift ideas for DD!

There has been no card making in my creative space all weekend. Creating yes, but no cards. i am stuck on a particular idea and trying to get it to work. the elements are partially done (last week) but i'm stuck on the rest. It's for a secret sister so I can't even give you a clue. I promise to get something put together for Monday on Monday as i have no wee ones just a nine year old that thinks she's 23!!! School is closed for Pres Day tomorrow. all of you that have it off from work- enjoy your day! all of you that have to work - enjoy your work. The rest of you have a wonderful day and pray for those that have to work - pray that they enjoy their work day!!!

I almost forgot! i have my own personal challenge for monday. DDL needs a card that is purple and has butterflies1 She also needs a card with flamingos, but that is impossible as I don't own a flamingo stamp or digi or even a sticker. where's a flamingo when you need one? She's also in need of just a girly card. So I have my work cut out for me tomorrow! My first own personal challenge! three cards in one day...I can do it! just substitute something pink for the flamingo and, voila.

thanks for spending a few minutes here! leave your bday ideas in the comment section. You know what to do!!

Please forgive all the typing errors. it's late, i'm tired, refuse to go back and fix them! It's this tiny keyboard that has me all crazy!


Rhonda said...

One of the best gifts I ever received was a gift certificate for a massage. It was so awesome! Also I have some wonderful photos of flamingo's that I took while in FL (your neck of the woods..LOL). I can e-mail them to you if you like. I have made cards with them and they turned out nice. I happen to love them.

Cheryl said...

I second the massage option!

I just did a google search on "flamingo coloring pages" and quite a few came up. You can use many the same as you would a digital stamp.

Shelly Schmidt said...

MMMMMM loving the massage idea too- or a day with just stamping and no other worries!!! I look forward to your flamingo creation! Makes me think of WARM!!!!!

Big Mamma~ a.k.a. Mary S said...

How about you both signing up for a cooking class together. We have places where you can sign up for the day/afternoon. It usually a small group and then after you sit and have a lunch of what you made. It would be fun together and then she would learn a new dish for the family. It's something different, but the massage does sound good.

Maybe a maid service for a couple of months. Then she can just relax for those days.

Joanne Gilch said...

The massage idea is great. she gets hers free at her hubby's office. Don't think she would appreciate someone in her home cleaning, but..... i wonder if she would mind me over there doing the 'dirty' work!! Great idea...I could clear it with her hubby. I know she has tons of you think that would be appreciated? na, I would rather do something with her, not for her. cooking and stamping....yes, to both.

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