Friday, February 5, 2010

Bee mine, a 365 Card challenge

Just in case you haven't caught on yet or this is your first visit, I'm tied into 365 Cards for about one week.
There is a prize, I don't know what, at the end of the week for each of the challenges that I do. I was bummed when the last challenge that I did at another site was dc'd due to technical problems so I found this one and decided to do it. It certainly keeps me busy and I am learning new techniques and the ins and outs of Bloggerville. BV for short. My SBS29 are always letting me know where there is a good challenge in BV. It's good clean fun and keeps me out of the kitchen for now.
Thanks for coming by!

Anyone just interested in cards, go to BV and have a good time lurking around. Maybe find a great challenge to keep you off the streets.
Thanks for coming by!

Anyone else interested in reading on about my rambling's- welcome, cuz here it comes.

The oven is working now, but I'm afraid it will quit in the middle of baking something. I need a new control panel.  Cooking in the oven, like dinner, well, I tell myself, "Self, if it quits while cooking chicken or meatloaf I can always finish it off in the MW. If it quits in the middle of a chocolate dessert or cookies, well then I'm toast!" Cooking - baking, not the same thing. Cooking  - throw something together in a casserole dish or roasting pan and bang, call it dinner when the timer goes off. Serve and receive accolades from DH. Baking, on the other hand, it's a chemical reaction that calls for each ingredient to be measured precisely for the perfect results. The taste buds in my mouth request desserts on a regular basis. For lunch, I eat a p-nut butter and jelly sandwich and my belly, taste buds, mind want something for dessert. Take me out, serve me a nine course meal, I am stuffed, but my body screams dessert. I can pass on dessert if I am full, duh, but I still crave that little piece of chocolate or that special little tingle for my tongue. My grand mother, Meshe, was the exact same way. always wanting a cookie or just that little something after a meal. Back to the oven - I think that's why I love to bake. I love eating my own concoctions! Ooops, specially created chemical reactions that resemble desserts.
Thanks for coming by!

RX for this card will be posted later, just in case you were wondering.


Rhonda said...

oooooh! Adorable...those bees are just too cute!

Cheryl said...

Joanne, you are so funny. I am so glad I get to follow you in BV. I always need something sweet too. In fact, I just ate a Dove dark chocolate heart. Unfortunately the bag is almost gone and this is the candy I picked up to do my packaging DT post on Monday. Either I need to get the project done and take some pics quick or I am going to have to buy more candy.

I love your card. I don't know why but I always like bees on cards. The lattice punch in the middle is very nice. Kudos on staying with the 365 cards.

Now who's the chatty one? :)

Kathy said...

Love the bees, so cute, especially the ones with sparkle. I'm a dessert girl too. Just need a little bit of sweets after dinner, even if I'm full!

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