Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alcohol Ink Faux Bleach Technique

Well, I only had to check two places for the old was in the hallway closet!!!! I am now the proud owner of a craft iron!
It was free (sitting in the closet not being used) and recycled! DH bought me a new iron years ago with an auto shut off, which was much needed because I couldn't remember if I shut it off in the morning and I would call him to stop by the house and check. The old iron still worked so why throw it away...right?
I need to put a tag or sticker on it saying that it's for crafts only or DO NOT ADD WATER.
You never know who will drag it out and try to use it!
I know exactly who will and I am not mentioning any names, but she comes to visit frequently!!!
OK, enough about the iron. I can only assume you know where this is leading. Did you read the post here yesterday?...YES?....GOOD......
Here's my sample of the Alcohol Ink Faux Bleach from SCS that I linked you up with on that post.

The ones on the right are the origianl embossed papers, while the ones on the left are the pressed on papers.
If you want to use both I would suggest that you do not use any words that are legible. I realized my error before I inked them up with the alcohol inks, but thought I would continue to prove a point and let you in on the little secret. The pressed on page with words won't work unless you are planning on using Braille for a sentiment! I added small dots of the ink to my pad and next time think that larger spots would be better. Don't get me wrong I like what I did here it's just another idea for another time. when or if you try this heed the words...peel apart easily! The two papers will look as if they are glued together, but when you go to peel them apart they should peel away from each other... easily. If not, just place back on your ironing surface and add more heat. When they peel easily they are done. Plus, I added a 'pressing paper' over my cs before I ironed. The ink  did seep out a little onto the copy paper.
Now, to go make a card using one of these papers!
Thanks for coming by!


Cheryl said...

Ha ha ha - I just read this tutorial yesterday and was thinking I have to get a craft iron! I can't wait to see what you create with these papers.

Shelly Schmidt said...

I have to get to SCS to check out this tutorial- LOVE your results- very pretty. I like the colors- green with a little blue.....TFS

TinaB said...

Great results!! Brilliant xx

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