Monday, July 12, 2010

Help me find me booty

 There's a treasure hunt abrewin in pirate land on Coconut Island.

Those sneaky pirates are holding all the details to themselves, the thieving bunch o' them!
Before they make me walk the plank, I need your help. Tuesday, July 13th, I hear the dirty scoundrels will have maps and their filthy money to lure even the best looters to Daisy Doodles Creative Challenge Blog for the best and most fun treasure hunt ever. Meet me on the 
shores ( the DDCC blog) of Coconut Island  and together we will follow the map (DT) to the treasure! I hear, matey, there may be stamps and free merchandise in the treasure chest.

On the North of the island at Two Coves Beach, me there with your shovels and doubloons.       If ye have an eye patch wear it. If ye a weapon raise it. If ye the innards to face the filthy swine to win the booty then it's the beach where we will meet.


Kathy said...

Such a pretty map, can't wait to see what you make with the whole set.

Cheryl said...

Who's bringing the rum? I'll meet cha there.

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