Friday, July 16, 2010

Coloring contest

Three of the grandkids are here visiting. We need a new roof on our garage and their Dad is coming soon to help 'raise the roof'. Their first morning here was all about helping Mims color her images. What better way than to have a coloring contest and the winner got to have their card posted on my blog. I finally had some me time to get the pics and show them to you all. I asked them to make cards, but that sort of fell on deaf ears. here are their ideas of will love the creativity...if not the 'cards' themselves. You need to know that Tom is 4 and Emma is seven. Elizabeth Grace is 2 and she didn't understand the concept but she can hold a crayon and wanted to color, too! Below you will see only Tom's and Emma's creations. Lily lost hers and Lizzie didn't want hers on the blog. maybe we can convince her to color another piece. these are all images that were already printed out. the kids went through the file folder and picked out what they wanted. Tommy knew that he wanted to do the pirate because he saw my card and just had to have pirate to color. Boys will be boys!

Megan still has not finished her can that we were working on...maybe next week....and there's always more cards to come from this visit. Stay tuned!!!!!!
Thanks for coming by! Images were from Daisy Doodles, Delightful Inspiration, and the giraffe has no owner, yet!!!!!


Carol said...

They're ALL winners!!!! Such fun memories . . .

Thebug415 said...

Very cute. YOu should have them try to play along with some of the children's challenge blogs. Kona Kids, children's challenge corner, and Little Hands do Crafts are just a few my kids do. There are links to them on my blog.

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