Monday, May 2, 2011

Lily and her glue stick

 ED Note: The 'gluing' photo in now posted!
Sentimental Sundays is sponsoring an optional challenge to craft with a child. I heard about this challenge at my friend's blog, She Stamps.
Lily comes to visit two days a week. She just turned four and she truly believes that every thing in my craft room is HERS! Do not, I repeat, do not tell her that the glue stick is not hers!!!! She has used up all of her purple glue sticks and is now enjoying the big white glue stick. It's so big that she runs her flowers and ribbon and fibers over the glue stick while it sits upright on the craft table. It is a sight to see. She knows not to take the big paper and she can have the scraps from the scrap drawers that are placed by color families. the front of each drawer is labeled and she knows which is which! do you think because the words are printed with the color of the scraps? Scroll to the end for the newly added photo.
Well, Thursday was her yellow day. she isn't a a yellow kind of girl! But who's to say? She had folded a large piece of Barely Banana and was in the process of making her Mims a card. I asked her if she wanted ribbon and I do not need to tell you her answer!!!!! I handed over the entire container and her eyes got so big!
She crafted all day Thursday. After her nap, she insisted on more crafting downstairs. AND down we went.

Rather than run at the mouth any's her art!!!

The inside

  The tiny cards that are special...per Lily!!!
She commented on this one above. "See Mims, this one doesn't color all the way."
She liked the feel of the card stock and how it had a look where the crayon only picked
up the texture!!!
Lily pretty much puts her name on every thing that she creates.
She wrapped the pink ribbon all around the card, closing it shut. 
"There's a surprise in there for MOMMY!" she said.
All the cards she put in a ziploc that she 'found' to take them all home.
AND then she forgot the bag here.
She'll be back on Wednesday...shall I get a pic of her using the glue stick?
Now for her grand mother's card using a sentiment and a Delightful Inspiration image.
This lil dazzler is called 'Flutterby Fairy'!
The sentiment is from Verve's 'Happy Phrases".

and a close up before I cleaned her face of all the dazzling diamonds.

Thanks for coming by!!!

Lily and her glue stick.......just added 05.05.11
Don't you just love the application!!!!


Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing the stories about Lily with us. What a sweetie! Liz used to do the same thing with the glue stick. Funny how they figure it out.

Lily, your cards are beautiful! I love the ribbons, flowers, and most of all how you write your name. Great job! All works of art should be signed. Keep crafting with your Mims. I'll be watching her blog for more of your artwork and cards.

Joanne, Your card is lovely too. The little fairy is so sweet. I love the girly-ness of it.

Thank you both for joining the Sentimental Sundays challenge.

raindropecho said...

Both cards are just lovely! Lily - I love your choice of embellishments, which are just perfect with this card. Joanne, love all the sparkle on your cards - very fitting for our challenge.

Thank you to both of you for joining us at Sentimental Sundays!!

- Ann

Judy said...

This sounds just like a day that I have with my Lily who is 6 by the way. I love this.

Bridget said...

You both made some beautiful cards! Thank you for joining us @ Designed2Delight!

Kathy Winter said...

Love your cards ladies! Looks like Lily is going to be a serious crafter =) Thanks for playing with us at Designed2Delight this week!

Faith S. said...

What a wonderful post! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I just made cards with my 2 boys and daughter, and I wish I would have taken a photo before sending them (the cards) off. They were so proud! I love your card and how it sparkles! So pretty!

Laura Evangeline said...

I hope Ethan will be a little artsy when he grows up! :-)

Shirl said...

Lily sounds adorable, you must have so much fun crafting with her. I am so glad you posted her creations because she is one talented lady. Thanks for sharing with us at Sentimental Sundays.
Hugs Shirley x x

Lisa M. said...

I loved hearing about Lily! She sound slike quite the little lady! Thaks for sharing her picture of her and her big glue stick! LOL! My son loves the purple glue sticks too! Her cards are just darling!

I love all the dazzling diamonds on yoru card! So much dazzle and bling--a delightful creation! Thanks for joining us this week at Setnimental Sundays!

Cheli said...

So cute!

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