Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I CASED a dress

Lily had on the cutest dress last week and I decided to CASE it.
Can't decide to show you the dress or card first...so here goes.
Here's Lily's CASE of her own dress.....gotta love her. She's only four.
The barely seen dark blue marker on the right edge? Those are the flowers on 'my' dress.
Oh, and BTB, she does not make cards...they are books!!!
I LOVE her.
Remember the glue stick picture on the May whatever date? This is the dress!
And to think that I had to buy a candle jar lid to hold my cards proper when I could have this cutie hold them instead.
Just one more shot of the dress...close up......
Remember you can always click on each photo to enlarge.
We punched out white flowers, 1/4" circles, and 1/2" circles in pink.
We glued and colored and had a happy day!
PS. I cut her bangs last Thursday...just above her brows!

The ladybug is from Daisy Doodles.There is a challenge on the DD blog with a theme of 
Color Fun---pick one or more of these colors and add a brown or kraft...pink, blue, green.
Actually this card could qualify...perfectly. Did I do that on purpose? HMMMMMM
Thanks for coming by!
Lily now gets her 'books' set on the photo table and soon enough she will be taking her own shots!!!
I know...ask me how I know!!!!


Shelly Schmidt said...

Your card is darling, but.....Lily is a real young artist like no other!!! What a cute 'book'!

Kathy said...

Your card is adorable (gotta take inspiration from where you find it, love the dress). Lily is a cutie and very talented book maker, just like grandma!

Kary said...

This is so fun - Lily is quite a cardmaker,and your card is gorgeous!
Thank you for commenting on my blog and following my journey ;) I really appreciate it.

Helen L said...

Your card is cute and fun, but Lily takes the show: what a cutie!! Such a wonderful age:-D

Tracey said...

Lily is so cute Joanne & I can see why you wanted to case her pretty dress. Fab cards from both of you!
Hope you're having a great week :)

Annie3 said...

Perfect Joanne! I just love Lily's Dress with her matching card! So Fun! I just never know what to do with dark blue and you have it down just right! your new friend the other "Joanne G" LOL

Vickie Y said...

Hi Joanne! Lily is such a cutie! Love her dress and matching card!

Cheryl said...

How cute! I love that you found inspiration from her dress!

Tell Lily that I love her card too! She is quite the artist.

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