Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding card and envelope

 My DDL asked me to make a shower card that had more than one 'page' so all her co-workers could sign one card...and there be plenty of room. Here it is!  Well, that new young Mom asked DDL if I would make a wedding card for a wedding she was attending and needed a multi-page card. No problem...put my thinking hat on and asked a few questions like color, size, theme, etc. DDL came back with floral, three pages, no black/white, oh and Mom can you put a gift card holder in there, too? SURE, no problemo! "Mom, she really liked that her shower card had stamped images on each page, can you do that, too?"
"Absolutely!"  I said.
Now, where else can you go and order a wedding card with specifications like that?
From a paper crafter, that's where!!!!!!!
This was fun, easy, took some time to decide on the stamps and colors. DDL helped me a bit with that part.
The basket of flowers, 'Just For You', from Daisy Doodles is popped up in the middle...a lot and not at all on the sides, so it looks very rounded IRL. I love white and natural and cream all together, so that and 'Just for You' was my inspiration. All the cs was cut at 5 1/4" square and scored 1/2" on the left on all the pages and then I used  a Cropadile to punch the holes and run ribbon through them.                
Above is the inside cover and page using  sentiment, roses and background stamp, 'Beyond the Basics'. 
The embossing was a CB strip on the far right.
Above, 'Love Matters' --"I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow."
Above, one of the stamps from "A Gentler Time"
Again, 'Beyond the Basics', which is used on every page in a different soft hue.
That bg set has  four stamps, butterflies, hearts, roses, and spirals.
The rose image is from a singlet that I bought years ago when two of the DD's got married.
Yes, their wedding days were seven months apart.
On the right, above, you can see the gift card holder that I embossed with a different strip.
The GC holder cs was cut at 5 1/4" x 8" scored and folded in half and then I punched out the space for the card.
Above.... A different angle of the GC holder with a GC in it.
The backside of the GC holder and the inside back cover that is scored in a diamond pattern.
Last, but not least, below is the box that I made for the card, below.
I guess you would call it a box envelope. It's 1/4" thick and the card just slips right in after you slide the bow down and open the flap. Easy peasy. 
French Flair is a large bg stamp from  and I used Antique Linen Distress Ink from Tim Holtz, to match all the sponging that was done all over the card and box. The card dimensions are 5 1/4" square and the box measures just 1/8" larger than the card.
Hope you enjoyed this LONG post.
Thanks for coming by!

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Rhonda said...

WOW!!!!! Joanne this is absolutely gorgeous!!! You have outdone yourself my friend. I am soooo in awe. I am just truly amazed. I know she LOVED it!


Julie E said...

Lovely!!! I like all that embossing and multi pages is perfect. This is definitely one way to start a business :>)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what a gorgeous card! wow!

saw you at cdac and thought i'd stop by. sure glad i did. don't want to miss all your fabulous beauties! wow! am following you now too.

used to live in altamonte springs - way back when!

looking forward to seeing more ofyou.

hugs :)

ScrappyJess said...

Great cards! I love all of the details!

Tracey said...

Wow! This is absolutely stunning Joanne - a work of art!

Hope you're having a great week.


Cheryl said...

Joanne - Wonderful cards! I am so sorry I have been a bad blogging friend lately.

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