Sunday, May 9, 2010

Password Book Tutorial

 Kristin has asked me about this tutorial, I was holding off posting it til now. Kristin, this one's for you.
Anyone else interested? Get a cuppa and relax, it may take  a while.

I started by doing the math!!!! I wanted to use 3 x 5 cards for my insides, added 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch at the top since I was going to use tabs at the top. List of supplies near the end.
1. Cut your chipboard (cb) the size you need. 3 1/2 x 5 3/8. My fiskars cutter has a rotary trimmer and it will cut through thick chip board. (You can always glue 2 pcs of cereal box together to make one pc of cb.)
2. Cut paper 5 x 6 7/8. The paper you will use to cover the outside must be 3/4 inch larger on each side.
3. Adhere paper to chipboard, using spray adhesive, Modge Podge (MP) or book binding. (I use a shallow box for all my spraying and usually step just outside the door of my house.) Using a spray adhesive on the cb and paper gives me time to cut, (no wet mess) and turn up the sides without worrying about it drying like with the MP or book binding glue.) Just follow the directions on whatever method you use to adhere the paper to the chip board or cereal box cardboard.

4. Cut corners of paper 1/8" from corner of cb (pic number 2). That allows a nicer corner to your book. Fold one edge over to inside and burnish with bf (bone folder) then use bf or fingernail (see pic number 3 and 4) to bring one side of that small corner to inside. Repeat on other corner and then do other side and finish by bringing up the other edges.

5. Punch holes in bottom of book covers, making sure they line up with each other. I put a hole in the center about 1/4" up from bottom and one inch on each side, also, 1/4 inch up. Use pencil and ruler if needed.
6. Brush MP onto cs to adhere to inside of the book covers. Then I punch those holes out when the glue is dry.                                                                                                             

7. Decide how many pages you need for the inside of pw book. Then stamp each page, both sides. Or you can use your white card stock and print them out on your computer, then cut to 3 x 5. Use front book cover to mark your holes in the cards. Sponge cards if preferred. Words that I used: website, username, password, notes. More elaborate use password questions and answers, the sky's the limit, create your own.

8. Punch out circles or tab punch for your tabs, fold in half, but do not adhere or staple yet! Decide what you want your tabs to say and stamp, or you can write it in later, once you have your book together.  Staple down to top of card while tab is open and then adhere to back so back of staple does not show or so you can not feel the back of the staple.
9. Decorate or embellish the front of your book cover, let dry.
10. Assemble book. Line up cards with front and back cover. Use binder rings in the holes to hold together or you can use narrow ribbon through the holes. More ribbon on the rings and a long loop on the top ring if you want to hang it. If you use ribbon don't tie it too tight. Knot it loosely to allow the book to open and close comfortably so there is no strain on the 'pages'.

List of supplies:
2 pcs chipboard 3 1/2 x 5  3/8
2 pcs DP 5 x 6 7/8 (cover your cb)
2 pcs CS 3 3/8 x 5 1/4 (line inside front and back)
1 pc CS  for tabs (4" x 4 1/2"- 4 tabs)
3 x 5 cards
Adhesive - MPodge, bk binding, or spray adhesive

Hole punch - 1/4" or cropadile, large hole

3  1" Binder Rings (or you can use ribbon)

Tab punch or circle punch for tabs
Stamp for your words (Just Rite) on 3 x 5 cards, tabs
Black ink
Ribbon and embellishments to decorate front cover

Here's a pic using a 1 3/8" circle for the tab. I folded it over after stapling it on the front.

This book is really easy to make, if you have questions just leave a comment on the most recent post , leaving the best way to reach you and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for looking!
Let me know if you make one, I'd love to see it. Please leave a comment, too. Love to know what you think I may have missed in this, my second tutorial. If you don't count the one about the spinach rolls!!!

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