Monday, February 21, 2011

A big birthday

70 is a big number!
It deserves some sort of recognition, especially when you live that long!!!
My sister loves to gamble, the roulette wheel, Black Jack, she has even been known to pull the arm on a
slot machine...well, back when there was an arm to pull!!
For her birthday we threw her a surprise party and the theme....gambling.
I wish that I had taken my camera to get a picture of her cake.
let me call my niece and get was an amazing feat of fondant, sugar, cream, chocolate and
GAMBLING paraphernalia.  
Jules at Daisy Doodles created  this set
and I used every single one of them to make this card for my sister, the gambler!
The chips are five ply and sponged for color!
It matched all the cards and chips that were spread all over the table tops.
My niece even had green felt on one of the tables and some really great centerpieces.
when I get some of the pics I'll come back and add them here!
thanks for coming by!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

This is such a fun card! It sounds like a fun party and your card is perfect for it.

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