Monday, June 14, 2010


  Remember when I made that blue and yellow card for my friend with a sick dog? Here
Well poor little Tootsie passed on to another life on Sunday! Her fur sister, Kelli misses her so much. My friend and her family are devastated at the loss of their fine furry member of the family. I wanted to make something to go along with a challenge at H2H and a picture of Tootsie was exactly what I needed. I had surprised my friend a few years back by driving to her second home in Tennessee for her birthday. I took lots of pics that weekend and two of them just happened to be of Tootsie so I nabbed them from my external hard drive and off I went to edit her photos. Both pics were of Tootsie all by herself standing on her back legs looking out the screen door at me. Here's my little tribute to Tootsie, who blessed her family with almost nine wonderful years. She was a great little dog that loved to be held, jumped up on to any one's lap that sat in her chair, and loved to get into people food. She could open a package of chips, cookies, dog treats like no dog's business. Kelli loved it when Tootsie got into the food cuz Tootsie always shared with her sister. Tootsie always made sure when company came over to tell her Mom and Dad. She would bark and let them know that some one was here to pet HER! If she wanted a treat she would just let out a bark and the treat has handed out. Man, Kelli loved her! One bark, two treats. She will be missed. She no longer will jump up on the recliner and cuddle next to Dad and watch TV. Her Mom will miss the cookie times and loving times and taking her out times that they shared. Kelli will no longer have a playmate or someone to get her ill gotten treats, human or otherwise! We will all miss Tootsie. Goodbye, Tootsie.
I found the frame a few weeks ago at a local chain craft store. The easel back was broken and the price- 75 cents. Knew that I would/could use it for some ABAC challenge..never dreaming I would be putting Tootsie's picture in it. I adhered the paper to the front and then cut it out with a craft knife and placed the cutout over to the side to let the glue dry. When it came time to decorate the picture, there sat the cutout...perfect.

Isn't that the cutest, sweetest face ever!!!!The paper was down, the first layer of Modge Podge was drying and I called her "Mom". i needed some small pieces of info for her frame. Her collar color was pink and brown...perfect. That's Providence. She was born in July 2001 and was adopted as a pup from the SPCA.
Her name you know and her nicknames were ''Monkey Face'' and "Ewok".

Thanks for coming by!

STAMPS: Just Rite
PAPER: CTMH Cherry-O with matching velvet ribbon
INK: black for the JR stamps
TOOLS: CB for the Spellbinders, Sizzix dogs and bones, collar and rope toy, craft knife to cut out frame within the frame
INCIDENTALS: Old, very old paw print stickers, Modge Podge - gloss finish


Rhonda said...

aaaaaaw Joanne! That is the most precious and sweetest little face. It is always a tragedy when we lose one of our fur babies. I am sure your friend will cherish is so beautiful and so heartfelt.

Angela said...

What a beautiful gift for your friend. It's obvious lots of love went into this, thanks for sharing it and Tootsie with us!

Jane said...

This is such a sad story. My dog is under my feet as I read this... My daughter has a Shitzu also named Tootsie... Strange Huh! Your card will be a wonderful gift. Very nicely done.

Carol Labuski said...

awww, how precious is that? the doggie and the tribute! thanks for playing along with H2H!

Cheryl said...

Awww, Joanne, you brought a tear to my eye. That's not playing fair!

Your frame is wonderful. I know your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Lawren said...

AAAWWWWW, You know I can sympathize having just lost my cat. I am so sorry to hear that for your friend. Your frame should brighten her day, it's very pretty.

Big Mamma~ a.k.a. Mary S said...

Joanne this shows just what a real friend you are. Most would just say Ohhhh I'm sorry but you know and felt what that little baby meant to her family. You ARE a special person. Beautiful card from a beautiful person.

Amber said...

What a wonderful friend! I am a dog lover and your post made me teary! So happy Tootsie was loved and is now being remembered! You're a terrific friend and crafter!

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