Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Challenge

My first challenge at Meljens, no that can't be...I own three images that I won from Meljen's. better change the title of this post. there is a challenge at Meljen's right now and about to end. Decided that I wanted to enter, like I had nothing better to do...right? How hard could it be to make a book mark? Not hard at all- it's the designing, the deciding, the printing, the coloring, the cut and paste and then I had to get a needle and DMC to sew on the charms. That's after deciding on the ribbon, putting on the glitz, getting the magnets to work in sync ....another story, another time.I know how magnets work, for Pete's sake-the poles yada yada yada. Ok, I got to get this moving along.
And a close up. There is so much glitter pen on this frog that I am having a hard time getting a good photo. I am going to try again...hold on. AHHHH! Better pic... changed the angle of the card and put new batteries in the camera.

Ok, this pic is so much better! Scroll down to see the old one!!!!

Emma loves glitter, and glam and glitz and bling, but it's a bookmark!!!!! I used the glitter pen and some silver charms. Emma loves to read, she's going into second grade and can read way above her grade level. Like her Mims, I suppose, can't put the book down once it's started.
Thanks for coming by!

Yada yada yada...gotta get this to Meljen's fast. Speed now link later.

 Here's a part of the old 'glarey' shot.
Oh, do you want to see the magnet part of this working book mark? Here's the inside of the book mark.
Click on pic to enlarge and then you can read it!


Shana said...

Joanne - how precious! Love the colours and ribbons with the little charms! Thank you for joining us at Meljen's Designs - we hope to see you again next week!

TinaB said...

Jo this is super!! Love the image and colours used xx

Cheryl said...

I think this was more of a saga than a challenge. Don't you hate when the projects you think are going to be quick and easy become complicated?

I love your book mark and I am sure Emma will to. How can she not? The magnet on the back is genius.

Take care! I miss chatting.

Thank you for entering the Meljen's Challenge!

Sandi said...

Ok, maybe it's me, but how do magnets cling to a book? It is a book made out of paper, right? This is such an adorable bookmark for a kid. I know exactly what you mean with the glare from the glitter when trying to get a good picture! :) you're on candid camera - Sandi

Shelly Schmidt said...

What a cute idea for a magnet bookmark...Too cute!!! I can only imagine that she just loved it!

Anonymous said...

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